Thursday, February 4, 2010


In these past weeks I've been immersing myself into the world of YWAM. So far I've contacted the bases in Brussels, Vancouver, Dublin, and Reykjavik. I've recently been communicating with the director of the DTS in Dublin. Today, I think Reykjavik is the most appealing. I'm fascinated with the culture in Iceland and am excited at the thought of reaching Iceland for Jesus.

At this point, "your will be done" has become my habitual prayer and I'm willing to go wherever I can be used by God. The more I speak to YWAMers, the less I worry about the funds. I'm constantly reassured that if it is the will of God for me to do a DTS, he will provide the money.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Living With Intentionality

The more I think, the more I realize that what I desire most is to live with intentionality.
So many of my peers are making choices rooted in fear or lack of direction. This seems to be the opposite of the thought process Christ called me to.

At this point, every prospective path is scrutinized to the point that I eventually just get tired of thinking about it.

It's in this place that this entry by my brother is quite encouraging:

"Our best chance of moving with the Spirit of God is to loosen our grip on our own future. Ambition can naturally result in planning, and forecasting our own future is often helpful, and in itself, not sinful. But when the plans we’ve created for ourselves become anchors, causing our sails to resist the winds of God’s intentions, then they become barriers to the intentions of the Spirit. But when the prayer “Your will be done” is a fundamental phrase in our prayer life, our plans are never a hindrance, because they’re never beyond the reach of God’s swiftly progressing story of salvation in our lives."