Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last week, I took a trip to Chicago to see Jonsi from Sigur Ros play at Vic Theatre. In retrospect, I can't find the words to describe the experience. As the listener,I tried my best to let him take me wherever he wanted to lead me. I tried to exist in the atmosphere of each song, getting inside of his head, feeling what he felt when he composed it. I believe that this was his intention for everyone in the audience. The concert was so emotionally charged that I felt that even the applause in between the songs was an interruption.

As i've struggled in the past week to describe my experience to others, it has always been understood that this was at the core a very deep encounter with my Creator. I believe that Jonsi's music, whether it was his intention or not, is a very profound form of worship. It captures the majesty, sovereignty, and power of the God that gave him the ability to make music the way he does.
It also captures the spiritual longing of the creation to see the Creator revealed.

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