Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct. 26

I recall a year ago at this very time, sitting in my Volvo station wagon under the turning leaves of Centennial Park. I had a piece of paper pressed firmly against the stirring wheel, trying to poetically articulate why I love this season so much. I left the park that day speechless and with a crumbled piece of paper with scribbled writings that were probably illegible. A year later, I am still unable to put words of worth to the spiritual significance of Autumn.

Perhaps it's because I feel most identified with nature and most in tune with his heart when I see that I am not the only being in His creation that is constantly changing, dying, blooming, thriving..... Maybe I find solace in knowing that the nature around me is dying, only to have life again, and am no longer struck with loneliness. It's like listening to a song and upon hearing the chorus you say to yourself, "I know exactly how he felt when he wrote that", and even more, seeing that the friends in the car with you are singing along with just as much passion.

It's also most obvious in the fall that death, while sometimes harsh and painful, is a glorious and beautiful process. I am unfinished, but most importantly, I am in a cyclical process and am not alone. I am not the greatest version of myself but I can hold fast to the willingness to be reformable. Autumn is a season of relief in the fact that death is essential to life in the Kingdom.

As I read this post, these few poorly-expressed thoughts are not worthy of it's subject. But it's an attempt.

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